Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Rivals Jamba Juice

So I just "accidentally" made the best smoothie ever! I have tried to make Jamba-inspired smoothies before, and they were horrible, but his time I ended up with a happy accident. I was eating lime sherbet with the boys, and I decided I wanted berries on mine, so I went to the freezer and pulled out the frozen mixed berries. As I was eating, I realized I had scooped up way too much sherbet for myself, and I thought, "this would be better in a smoothie." I dumped my leftover lime sherbet & blackberries in the blender, then added orange juice, strawberry yogurt, a bit more lime sherbet, more frozen mixed berries, and some frozen tropical fruit blend that my grandma got from the Schwann's man. As it all blended up it turned a wonderful magenta, and I got excited that it might have actually turned out good, and it was! I don't know exact amounts of what I put in, but just about equal parts of everything. It filled up my handy ASU insulated, reusable cold drink cup and I had a bit leftover. Maybe about 1/4 cup of each??? I used to always get a Strawberry Tsunami (now Strawberry Surfrider) with orange juice instead of lemonade, and I would say that this one I came up with almost tastes the same as that always did. Mr. C also approves! H doesn't want to give me my cup back.

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