Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I wish I had taken a picture of these before they started to chip a little. So, I LOVE OPI topcoat - it is great, and I will never do my nails again without it! I had my nails painted neon green for St. Paddy's Day, and I got a little sick of the solid bright green by the end of the day, so the next morning I got creative with scotch tape, glitter & purple. I masked off parts of my nails using regular clear scotch tape and painted the glitter on. I took the tape off while my nails were still wet. I did my right hand first (harder for me to paint because I am right-handed), then after I took the tape off I did my left hand. A few hours later, after it was thoroughly dry, I masked my nails off again to paint the purple & removed the tape while my nails were still wet again. The design is so early 90s it kinds freaks me out. HA! I just think the masking idea is cool - sue whatever colors and pattern you want :) And don't forget to put on an OPI Topcoat!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Rivals Jamba Juice

So I just "accidentally" made the best smoothie ever! I have tried to make Jamba-inspired smoothies before, and they were horrible, but his time I ended up with a happy accident. I was eating lime sherbet with the boys, and I decided I wanted berries on mine, so I went to the freezer and pulled out the frozen mixed berries. As I was eating, I realized I had scooped up way too much sherbet for myself, and I thought, "this would be better in a smoothie." I dumped my leftover lime sherbet & blackberries in the blender, then added orange juice, strawberry yogurt, a bit more lime sherbet, more frozen mixed berries, and some frozen tropical fruit blend that my grandma got from the Schwann's man. As it all blended up it turned a wonderful magenta, and I got excited that it might have actually turned out good, and it was! I don't know exact amounts of what I put in, but just about equal parts of everything. It filled up my handy ASU insulated, reusable cold drink cup and I had a bit leftover. Maybe about 1/4 cup of each??? I used to always get a Strawberry Tsunami (now Strawberry Surfrider) with orange juice instead of lemonade, and I would say that this one I came up with almost tastes the same as that always did. Mr. C also approves! H doesn't want to give me my cup back.

Monday, March 12, 2012

ASU Cupcakes!

Here is my attempt at the layered cupcakes and the "rainbow" frosting techniques I saw on Pinterest. I went with maroon & gold for an ASU theme. Then printed out the mini pennants and used white glue to glue them to toothpicks to stick on top of each cupcake. The layering of the colored cake mix took FOREVER - I probably won't ever do it again, but it was fun. The frosting was easy and a really cool effect - I'll do that again.

Great way to display Photo Greetings

So my OBGYN's office has got the absolute best way to display the babys' birth announcements that they receive from patients. It's a metal Christmas tree with all of these scrolling branches. They just punch a hole in the top corner of each of the announcements and hook them on. This would be amazing for all of the photo greetings you get around the holidays! And look - Chase is still up there almost 2 years later!

I Love these Nails!

This is the third set of Sally Hansen Salon Effects I have done on my nails. I seriously LOVE them! I do a top coat of clear OPI to seal them, and every time they have lasted over 2 weeks. My nails grow out before they start to chip - it's truly amazing! They also help keep my nails strong - I have had no chips while these have been on my nails.